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Questions About Using Herbs to Treat Common Illnesses

Customer Peter Ashmore said: Have been using it [antifungal cream] for a week and the issue is clearing up nicely.

Customer Rory says about Digestone Tea Bags: Eased my painful bloating and IBS symptoms so I could get back out again. Thank you

Our satisfied customer Emily Ryan says: Haven't taken an antihistamine since I began drinking this tea [Allertone ], it's been over 4 weeks now! The best part is that not only do I not have hay fever but I'm also not drowsy all the time from the antihistamines! Would highly recommend ⭐

Customer Brenda Rock says: I would be lost without my Women Blend. It is what has helped me through my perimenopause journey for sure along with other supports. Thank you Dr. Clare for a truly wonderful herbal product. I recommend to every woman I know!

Customer Dan says: [Congestion Tea] Really effective blend! Works very well for me as a singer!

Very happy customer Mary F. says: Took the chest and sinus tincture for a lingering cough. Worked a treat. After over a month of being unwell I've turned a corner. Yippee!

One customer, Anne Killeen said of Antiflam capsules: "these capsules plus the turmeric capsules appear to be reducing the twinges of osteoarthritis that I had been experiencing in my shoulders and sometimes in my hands. I have already had both hips replaced and was very concerned about the arthritis spreading all over my body It certainly seems to have calmed down."

My sixteen-year-old daughter suffered from hay fever each summer and over the counter remedies were not offering any relief. This year she’s been taking the Allergy Tincture and hasn’t had one symptom as yet. I’m happier because she’s not taking chemical remedies and she’s happier to be getting relief! The success of the allergy tonic in treating my daughter’s hay fever would make me consider Dr Clare for other treatments in the future.

Daisy Mattinhouse says "Our 6 year old has a recurrent cough whenever she picks up a cold. We've been using this [kinderkind ] since she was really small. Recommended."

I used to struggle a lot with stress which meant I rarely enjoyed a decent night sleep, and was feeling constantly tired. This tincture [Relax Blend] has helped me to relax so much, I am sleeping better and feel human again. I would really recommend this to anyone with similar issues.

Customer Lisa Barreto says: I bought this [kinderkind] last December for my then 8 month old who due to a number of serious infections, picked up every cough and cold on the go. About to buy again! Highly recommend. Lisa gives the product 5 Stars! 

Chiara Ercolini says: It's [Musculojoint ] one of the best natural anti-inflammatory I have ever tried?

Customer Peadar A says: Top quality product! I found this cream [witch hazel cream] very effective. I had tried other non-botanical treatments in the past. Each were less effective & some came with side effects. However, this cream reduced pain & swelling in the area without any side effects for me. Very satisfied with it and I will be recommending it to others. 

Linda Doherty says: Since taking Agnus Castus I see a noticeable improvement in my hormonal symptoms and I am have a much more restful sleep at night.

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