Nutrition Therapist

Michelle Hanley


Nutritionist, Juice Specialist & Raw Food Coach


Phone: 0871243256

Nutritional Therapy aims to give people the tools to help themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

Michelle offers one to one nutritional consultations which goes though their diet, lifestyle,supplements and set them up with an individualised dietary plan.

Nutritional therapy helps clients lose weight, control blood sugar levels, stress,skin problems, cholesterol, digestive and hormonal problems and much more.

Michelle also offers Juicing plans that can be used for a detox, cleanse or to help with any ailment that you may have.

Ms Hanley is also a member in Dr Clare's Skin Clinic, Sleep Clinic and Stress & Adrenal Clinic. She has worked in Health and Herbs for over 8 years.

She does talks for small and corporate groups along with giving Juicing, Raw & Living food workshops.

Food Intolerance testing and Genova testing is carried out by Michelle.

For more information or if you would like to book an appointment you can contact me on 087 1243256

Tara Canning


Tara is a Registered Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner working with Dr.Clare’s clinical team for over 9 years.
Tara offers one-to-one consultations for many conditions including:

·       Digestive issues, IBS, Food intolerances

·       Weight Management & General Health Reviews

·       Thyroid & Energy issues

·       Hormone and Mood balancing

·       Skin problems

·       Joint and Skeletal Conditions

·       Many other conditions

Full list on 

Tara also co-ordinates the Thyroid Program, Health check and Digestion Program’s. See Clinic and Program sections on this website for more details.

Every year Tara is invited to lecture in various college’s, businesses and health bodies on nutrition. The combination of her food knowledge after many year’s working as an advanced chef and nutrition expertise compliment her passion to educate through practical advice and science.

She has designed many classes with this in mind-

·       The Healthy Eating Cookery Class

·       Snack Attack Class

·       Skin Health inside and out

·       Wheat and Gluten Free Cooking

·       Low Sugar Baking

·       Paleo Cooking

Please call 087 9074701 for more details.
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