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Dr Clare’s Apothecary Anti Fungal Cream

At Dr Clare’s Apothecary, we have created a comprehensive range of traditional herbal-based Personal Care products to help with our customers physical and emotional wellbeing. Our Personal Care products are part of our integrated medicine approach that combines the best of pharmaceutical medicine and complementary medicine. Dr Clare’s Apothecary has carefully curated a high quality, sustainably sourced range of therapeutic herbal medicines. This includes a wide range of supplements, dried herbs, tinctures, capsules, pessaries and creams. Our therapeutic herbal medicines are available from the clinic dispensary, online shop or by telephone order. We also provide online consultation about the health and wellbeing benefit of all our products. What Are Fungal Infections? Fungal infections are very common and whilst they are...

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Dr Clare’s Apothecary - Witch Hazel Cream

Witch hazel cream offers a broad range of medical applications that can be used in a number of different ways. Its leaves and bark can be made into ointments and applied to the skin for its ability to ease inflammation and soothe sensitive skin. 

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12 Tips for Soothing Family Colds and Coughs This Winter

Family colds and coughs are inevitable during winter months. They can make you feel miserable and can sometimes be difficult to shake off.  Colds are viral and cannot be treated with antibiotics. They take time to leave your system. While you may not be able to avoid getting a cold or cough, there are some simple measures you can use to soothe the symptoms and ease discomfort in both children and adults. Tips For Soothing Colds and Coughs #1. Hydration Ensuring you drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated can help soothe your throat and prevent excessive coughing. Water is best and will help reduce the build up of mucus, reduce dryness and can help keep you cool if...

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Reflections about my Indian journey

I would not have travelled to India were it not for my youngest son who has been travelling in India for almost 6 months, realising great personal growth and having a great time.It was a wonderful time of connection and openness to new experiences.

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