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ANTI-FLAM TEA - DrClareApothecary


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Ingredients: Horsetail 20%, Rosehips 15%, Willow Bark 10%, Celery Seeds 10%, Red Clover 10%, Burdock 10%, Dandelion Root 10%, Peppermint 10%, Liquorice 5%

Traditional Use

Willow Bark: joint and muscle pain.

Yarrow: anti-inflammatory and toxin elimination through the skin.

Dandelion Root: promotes digestion and detoxes by supporting gall bladder function.


How to Use: 

  • This unique 3 tsp. sachet is used as a teabag but it contains a full daily amount of herbs for major convenience especially appreciated with today's busy lifestyles.

    1. Place your herbal sachet in a teapot, large mug or flask.
    2. Add boiling water not less than 1 pint.
    3. Drink throughout the day (hot or cold) for maximum benefit.
    4. Use one herbal sachet per day for two weeks.
    5. It can be added to Juices, Smoothies, Protein Shakes.